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Yes, parenting can be stressful frustrating challenging intense

Using my method, you can increase connection with your child and simplify your parenting with easy-to-follow tools and step-by-step practical solutions.

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I was blown away by how simple and effective the strategies were, and I could see instantaneous results. My son threatened to harm himself, and using the tools Thomas gave me, we established a connection. The problematic behaviours have stopped, and he is getting on excellent with school and friends again. I am so grateful to Thomas.

Emma Smith

Meet Thomas

I’m a child development expert with ten years of experience, helping thousands of families.

My son was born with a lime-limiting condition, and I have personally applied the tools I teach to build his resilience, confidence and recovery from trauma.

Helping children and families is my absolute passion and life’s work.
My mission is to provide you with practical, easy-to-follow tools and solutions to make your parenting life simpler, more rewarding, and, most importantly, improve the life of your children and you.

The CCG Parenting Method

The Calm, Connect & Guide Method

You can’t change behaviour without changing emotions. 

To achieve lasting results, you need first to calm the nervous system. Then reconnect, and only then is your child’s receptacle to learning. 

Your child’s emotions and behaviours are interconnected and inseparable. Using the CCG Parenting Method, you will learn to better understand and respond to BOTH your child’s behaviours and emotions.

You want a child that feels good on the inside and behaves well on the outside. A child that is emotionally resilient and connected. A child is capable of age-appropriate emotional self-regulation. Let’s get started.

calm, connect, Guide

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